The Panama Canal

Sometimes I feel really privaledged to be doing what I’m doing.  Today was one of those days. The panama canal was an experience I never thought i’d have and one I’ll never forget.


Firstly because we’re so small we had to raft up.  This was surprisingly easy and 3 boats floating along together into the locks was actually very peaceful.
Once through the locks we all moored up in gaton lake. Having neighbours was fun and drifting around on the mooring bouy under the stars was lovely.


Gaton lake

On the second day the rain waited until we had chamoised and then poared down. It was almost like being back in loch Ness.  But the rain didn’t last long and as our group of 10 motored across the lake the ones behind us were beneath a huge rainbow.  Very atmospheric.

The gaton cut was particulary impressive and shortly after we rafted again for the locks down. Once out it was under the bridge of America’s and into the Pacific!


Gaton cut


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