St Lucia 😍

After almost a year I’m back on the magical island where the ARC ends. The boat is now ready for the next adventure and about a foot lower in the water with all the extra  food onboard! I’m currently sleeping on over 100 cans of drink that we’ll be expected to hand over to customs officials along the way.

It’s not all hard work though, we did manage to steal some time off yesterday to enjoy the hotel pools 🙂 Then in the evening to honour burns night we went to a jazz evening with some boats that did the arc and later had a toast of whisky (or homemade ginger beer) on their boat. Dave got involved with the music and even gave the local saxophonist his last set of reeds from england. It was really touching to see how happy he was.  The boating community out here is lovely and I’m enjoying bumping into friends from home and crews met on other islands everywhere we go. Even if it is sad when they have to leave!


Dominica 🌴❤

Had a lush  couple of days in Dominica!


 Yesterday we had an incredibly peaceful tour up the Indian river where they filmed parts of pirates of the carribean.


This morning we were let loose in the rainforest and hiked down to syndicate waterfall. Our tour guide pointed out all the different fruits and spices along the way. This island is so self sufficient it’s amazing.



I am currently sat writing this with garlic bread and a rum punch. Living the dream ;D



Day 3


We all got up early to hike up to the fort this morning … only to find that it didn’t open for another hour … so as usual; Another partial success!



After a fairly rolly night we realised why our mooring bouy had been free and quickly swapped to another … we’re all getting our sea legs now whether we like it or not!

Allons y!

It’s the first day of the rally tommorow and I’m pretty sure there is going to be chaos as 31 boats all try to retrieve their anchors at the same time!

After a fair few weeks of non stop preperations, maintenance and a never ending Job list,  there was actually an air of calm around the pontoon today. In fact we are so close to finishing our jobs list that we ended up painting the engine mounts this morning, just for something to do. A short jobs list won’t last long but it was nice to have some time off this afternoon to relax and take it all in. After our first skipper’s briefing it is all starting to feel a bit more real and I’m feeling very privaleged to be a part of this.

It will be incredibly sad to leave what now feels like home.The local workers here have gone above and beyond to help us in preparing for our trip and we’ve all felt very touched by it. I look forward already to coming back here someday.

Antigua we’ll miss you but the sea is calling! 🌊



Perfect timing 😍

It may be paradise but life out here is not all sunbathing and swimming ! Mostly it’s a lot of hard work getting the boat ready for our big adventure.  After a particularly hot ( 42 degrees at one point!) and windless day…  I was feeling pretty grumpy and a little bit homesick until this arrived…


I really do have the best parents. It couldn’t have been better timed 🙂  This time next week we’ll finally be setting off.. it’ll almost be a relief when we do!

Twin headsail success!

IMG_20170104_222623.jpgHad such a good morning sea trialing our new twin head sail with Antigua Rigging. It was great to finally see it up and running. Hopefully this set up will safely take us many miles across the pacific ⛵

Passage planning and Lovely neighbours 🙌

Yesterday we started to plan our route over to Panama.  As it stands; after making our way down to St Lucia, we will go to Columbia, the San Blas and possibly even Bonaire along the way if the sea state is kind !  With only a few weeks untill the big off, it’s all starting to feel very real now.

This morning I succeeded in fixing my shower drain pump. Grandad Bill I hope you are proud! I’m also feeling particulary good today because the man next door told me that he thought I looked like a natural and belonged on a boat. To have the instant respect of a fellow sailor without first having to prove myself is not something I am used to, so it really made my day !

After a boiling hot day it’s another cold evening here in Jolly Harbour … 23 degrees I’m wearing a hoody and a scarf… but being a northerner I’m most happy in this attire anyways!

Missing everyone back home loads but know this is definitely where I am supposed to be right now 🙂

Lots of love and Happy 2017 from Antigua x


Happy New Year 🎉


21 countries, 2 states and 7000 nautical miles. 2016 you may have been a political disaster, but you sure weren’t boring! I’ve done so many things I never thought I would do; moving to the Carribean, visiting America, learning to dive and even trying raw tuna! But all of this would never have been possible without my constant support back home.

To all my family and friends … You really are the true heros of 2016. Thankyou for making it so special. ❤