The Dinghy Dock

Nuie doesn’t have a dingy dock as such.  More of a park and ride. The jetty is  exposed to the swell and so high that you have to actually lift your dingy out of the water every time you want to visit land. You  crane your dinghy out and pull it over to a special dinghy parking spot which is a pretty cool system and not something I imagine is used in many places!
nuie dock
The main town of Alofi is sleepy but pleasant.  It almost looks like a holiday park town;  it just doesn’t seam quite real. There is a fantastic little cafe(shack) with a balcony over-looking the bay that does fried breakfasts and has decent wifi. So as you can imagine much of our time on Nuie was spent here. Nuie yacht club itself looked more like a youth clubthan a yacht club but very sweet all the same.
Our stay in Nuie was short but sweet and unlike anywhere else we’ve been so far.  Anticipation for tonga is now high and we’re really hoping it will be warmer than Nuie!
nuie anchorgage.jpg

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