Taxi Tina😍

The thing that I will take home the most from French Polynesia is just how friendly the people are here. Always wanting to share fruit from their gardens,  share their culture , give you lifts to the pharmacy or just wave and smile hello.  We have met many lovely people here but my favourite is Taxi Tina.

6 weeks ago she drove a tired and emotional girl around tahiti. I really felt that for the 24 hours I was in Tahiti I had someone looking out for me. Not only did she take me to restaurants and to town she showed me how to get the bus back, where to eat and where to be wary of. My phone doesn’t work in FP so she lent me hers while I shopped so we could stay in contact if I needed. All the while I was in town she looked after my bags and even offered me over for tea and a shower bwfore my flight. ” I don’t like driving ” she tells me. ” but I love the people”.

6 weeks later and I looked forward to being reunited with her on my way back to the boat in Raiatea.  Again she looked after my stuff and drove me around, never once letting me tip her!

To have met her once was a privalege , but to meet her twice was just lovely. I will always remember how kind Taxi Tina was  and so much fun 🙂


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