Nuka hiva.

We had a great sail racing talabal across to Nuka hiva. A huge bay full of oysters awaited us and a small but sweet town with a few wifi cafes and bars,  post office , hospital and local craft centre.  My favourite was a little snack bar that ran bbqs and had decent enough wifi to call home. 🙂

The locals put on a day of activities;  they showed us their local dances,  gave us food to try and showed us how to make seed necklaces. In the evening their local dance group performed for us and blew us all away. Sadly the food was a bit exotic but it was great fun to meet up with the rest of the rally.

The next day was spent unblocking toilets which on a fragile stomach from last night’s drinking was not too welcome! Amazingly for me and james , we got some help off Ian who insisted on doing the whole procedure. After which his nurse/wife Sindy looked inspected and cleaned up my smashed toe from the day before.

Hugh took me to the hospital the next day and I was seriously impressed by it.  Clean, modern and quick; I just walked in got a ticket and was seen within 5 minutes.  10 minutes later and I was hobbling along to the pharmacy with a list of drugs and bandages. Luckily some of the locals gave me a lift because it turns out walking 2 km with a smashed foot isn’t much fun!

After a pleasent stay in the soggy Marquesas (Andy described it as a warm lake district) we were all looking forward to heading off to the Tuamotos.

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