The big crossing 2

Day 7 ish.

Decided to put the twin headsail up. .. 2 hour battle with lines and sails, we were smashing it with 8.5 knots plus.

Day 8.

Turns out eggs can go mouldy.  Suddenly eggy bread doesn’t seem so appealing.

Day 9 ( i think)

Halfway! We celebrated with pineapple juice and pistachio nuts. Far more exciting to us than anyone on land can appreciate!

Day 10.

Sarah noticed a rip in our twin head sails .. after 30 mins with the binoculars we determined it was in fact a rip and not bird shit.  2 hours later it was back up , repaired and helping us cruise along at 8 knots again.  All the while this was happening we had a pod of at least 50 dolphins jumping into the sunset. Absolutely magical.

Day 11.

After a week of rationing out meat , me and Sarah found an extra 3 packs of chicken hiding in the freezer. .. oops!

Day 13
Woken with a face full of water. ..  twice. .  Llyod claims he didn’t know my hatch was there when he threw the bucket. ..

Day 15
We’ve decided our window for boat murder has now passed as we’d now be required to take the body back ashore. Luckily we’re all still getting along!

I’ve lost count of days now but as I sit in the dark waiting for the sun to rise, as we finally approach land I can’t help but be frustrated with this passage. Instead of long rolling waves and consistent trade winds we’ve had a confused sea state, heavy swell and fluky wind directions. The wind has tempted and teased us the whole way… often just not quite enough to sail but just enough to warrant trying. Sail and rig changes have been almost daily.  We’ve been rolled and bashed about for almost 3 weeks now but we’ve remained in high spirits throughout.  The daily ssb net made us feel not quite so alone and to my surprise we’ve actually had to take actions to avoid several boats along the way..

While the wildlife was few, the stars have been amazing and we should be so lucky to have the opportunity to cross such a prestigious ocean. Excitement for the marquesas is high!

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