The big crossing.

3000 miles is a long time at sea. Before I left I phoned home and spoke to my parents who reminded me of this.  They asked what you do for such a long tine… My mum said I should sing rod Stewart ( we are sailing..) , I said I mostly ponder life and eat Chocolate biscuits.  My dad thinks I should ponder 42. Its day 6 ( i think ) and I’ve now done all of these things.. mum there’s way better songs about sailing than rod Stewart( thank God! ) and dad I’m sorry but 42 is just a number!


I’ve actually spent the last few days thinking about how excited I am for Christmas of all things.  And then thinking of all the things I am looking forward to doing when I get home. To give you an insight here is a little list in no particular order….


Sit on the work top and drink ribena,

Have a bath,

Put toilet paper down the toilet,

24 hour tescos,

Friday night Chinese,

Make cheese scones with granny Billie,

Visit granny Jean at her shop,

Go to the boat with gramps,

Visit James at uni,

Go to wagamamas with Jessie,

Watch TV while mum crotchets and dad eats cheese,

See dad’s new band… Finally!

Have Saturday night takeaway with the cousins,

Go climbing with the boys,

Hike to sycamore gap ,

See the Christmas lights in Norwich with Gav,

Laura’s home wedding,

Eat my weight in popcorn,

Play the jukebox,

Have Sunday dinners .. GRAVY.

The Tyne bridge and the angel of the north .


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