New beginnings

2 years ago I got a call. “Our crew dropped out last minute can you be in Gibraltar by tommrow? ”

24 hours later I was riding on the back of jeep to escape from the floods in the centre of Gibraltar town.

“On liberty” was my first experience of an oyster.  65 knots in the bay of cadiz with an engine leaking oil everywhere was certainly an experience! My first biscay crossing later and we waved goodbye to something I never thought I’d see again.


Now here I am back on board. New name , new rig, new engine, new owners and now new first mate!  It’s funny how life works out sometimes but boy am I glad I took that delivery. If I hadn’t I might not be leaving for the galapagos onboard “Miss tiggy” with her new lovely aussie owners. I dont beleive in fate but somehow I think this was supposed to happen. You make you’re own luck. I’m sure of that.

This journey hasn’t always been easy but the support from those around me far and near has kept me going more than they’ll ever know. It’s a fresh start now and I couldn’t be happier.


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