Journey to galapagos

Day one.

In true boat style, the instruments decided to pack in just as we were getting ready to set off. We managed to narrow it down to something blowing the sea talk fuse in the course computer so the first 6 hours of our trip were spent running around plugging and unplugging raymarine equipment.  Already worried about our batteries and the alternator it was a bit of a shaky start but by the end of the day we managed to isolate the issue and get our instruments back. During all this time we were surrounded by huge rays. They like to jump out the water , some flapping their fins, some bearing their bellies, some doing back flips. Just amazing.

After a day of rushing around we were rewarded by the most beautiful sunset and a night sailing under the stars.
We traded some chocolate for a fish off the local fisherboys enroute so I had breaded snapper for the first time. It actually wasn’t bad!

Day two.
Today we tried out the twin headsail. After 2 hours of rope setting and wrestling with the halyard to get it up, we had a great sail.  The two sails balenced each other out nicely so once we locked off the wheels little helming was needed. Almost like having the auto helm back!

We had a drive by delivery of limes and fuses off calliope and then followed them into the sunset. Tiggy treated us all to fillet steak. Life is good.


Day 3.

Back to the raymarine mystery. 3 hours later still a mystery. Tried the tuna we caught yestersay. Safe to say not a big fan but filled up on fried rice instead 🙂
We’ve now added Shanties to our little oyster flotilla. Wind is starting to die.. think it’s all motoring from now on.

Day 4.

Bacon sandwich for lunch and spaghetti bolognase for tea. Yum yum. Saw a shark and attempted to raft up to calliope for 5 o’clock cocktails .. Sadly it was a little too bouncy so we ended up having a swim instead. Followed by the most incredible sunset.  We really are so privaledged to be here. It’s just beautiful.


Day 5.

We crossed the equator aussie style with red and blue in honor of the Melbourne demons. We’re now officially south of the equator which is pretty cool.

Day 6.

Galapagos !


2 thoughts on “Journey to galapagos

  1. hherbert178yahoocom says:

    Ditto just caught up too Rach and it looks and sounds amazing! You are right you sometimes make your own luck and I hope you keep making it! Lots of love xxxx

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