Shelter bay marina


The Pacific waiting room 

We didn’t have high hopes for shelter bay. I thought our two week stay was a necessary evil and nothing more but we were pleasantly surprised. Yes there’s only one restaurant/bar but they manage to keep it new by changing up the theme ever night.  My fav was haiwian night. The community here really makes this place.  There’s movie nights,  yoga classes , bbqs , kareoke and even a free bus that takes you to Colon.

When not working we’ve spent our time hiking around the jungle surrounding the mariba. It was originally an army base to protect the canal and there’s still batteries to explore in the undergrowth.


My favourite part about the jungle trails is the ants… I’ve found it fascinating how they’ve made their own trails to carry their leaves along.  They’re everywhere… pretty sure I’ve murdered my fair share of ants this week!  Sadly I didn’t see any howler money’s but boy were they loud. .. like a pack of wolfves.


On Thursday we had the pleasure of dining inside the impressive  San lorenzo fort. 50 yachties wandering around in carnival dress looked pretty funny. Lots of wine was consumed along with local dishes like paella . All in all. A pretty good afternoon!


Team Ayesha


World Rally Fleet!

For many reasons I’ve really enjoyed my time waiting in shelter bay. Our neighbours were fab, loud and loving life americans who were sailing to Mexico.  I think they must be the only boat to sail around with a life sized chief!  It’s been so good to be reunited with the rest of the fleet and the oyster team. I’m really going to miss having lots of people wandering up and down the pontoons to chat too.


Best Friend!


I’m sat writing this anchoured outside the entrance to the Panama canal. After a year of planning and preperation  we are finally going to enter the pacific!


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