Paradise 🌴❀


We had a lovely afternoon at the beach today. For a few hours I forgot about work and everyone I miss back home and just felt at peace. It was bliss.


Starfish Beach

The taxi boat dropped us off at the busiest part of starfish beach and we were briefly disappointed.Β  But once we walked away from the crowds we managed to find more star fish and the most beautiful empty beaches. Josh went swimming while I napped in a tree.
But one cannot nap on a beach all day so we found the local bus to take us back to reality. The bus was an experience in itself with more and more people piling in at every stop into an already full mini bus.

On our way back to town we drove past the plastic bottle village, which until recently I didn’t know existed. If we had more time I’d have love to have stopped and looked around. The concept is seriously promising


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