Bocas del toro

Selinas is quickly becoming mine and Josh’s favourite haunt here in Bocas del Toro. Compared to the pricey restaurants in the Carribean it’s quite a change to be surrounded by fellow travellers and backpackers. There’s a real mix of ages, both young and old and the place has a real good vibe to it. The food is so cheap compared to what we are used to and really good; far surpasses what you would expect from a hostel. Plantain chips and black humus is a new favourite snack of ours!

2017-02-11 22.28.33.jpg

Every evening here is different and so far we’ve had 90s music night, live techno Indian music and a reggae band. Last night we were eating tea while watching the snow moon in the hope of seeing the lunar eclipse.  There was a moment of brief excitement at 7.43 ( the proposed best time to see it) when the moon went black until Josh shattered my illusions by pointing out the rain clouds…20170209_213209

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