St Lucia 😍

After almost a year I’m back on the magical island where the ARC ends. The boat is now ready for the next adventure and about a foot lower in the water with all the extra  food onboard! I’m currently sleeping on over 100 cans of drink that we’ll be expected to hand over to customs officials along the way.

It’s not all hard work though, we did manage to steal some time off yesterday to enjoy the hotel pools 🙂 Then in the evening to honour burns night we went to a jazz evening with some boats that did the arc and later had a toast of whisky (or homemade ginger beer) on their boat. Dave got involved with the music and even gave the local saxophonist his last set of reeds from england. It was really touching to see how happy he was.  The boating community out here is lovely and I’m enjoying bumping into friends from home and crews met on other islands everywhere we go. Even if it is sad when they have to leave!


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