Allons y!

It’s the first day of the rally tommorow and I’m pretty sure there is going to be chaos as 31 boats all try to retrieve their anchors at the same time!

After a fair few weeks of non stop preperations, maintenance and a never ending Job list,  there was actually an air of calm around the pontoon today. In fact we are so close to finishing our jobs list that we ended up painting the engine mounts this morning, just for something to do. A short jobs list won’t last long but it was nice to have some time off this afternoon to relax and take it all in. After our first skipper’s briefing it is all starting to feel a bit more real and I’m feeling very privaleged to be a part of this.

It will be incredibly sad to leave what now feels like home.The local workers here have gone above and beyond to help us in preparing for our trip and we’ve all felt very touched by it. I look forward already to coming back here someday.

Antigua we’ll miss you but the sea is calling! 🌊



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